Martial Art of the Ninja involving Taijutsu, Ju Jutsu, Ninpo, Survival Skills & Weapons.

*Ninjutsu is a 1000+ year old Martial Art from two mountainous areas in Iga & Koka/Japan where lower class people were harmed by Samurai, there Lords, pirates & criminals so they developed Ninjutsu from Japanese Ju Jutsu, Chinese/Indian/Korean Arts & learning skills from Ronin/Masterless Samurai, Warriors & Monks.

*They would train there young from a early age teaching balance, stealth, stretching, body conditioning, survival skills, plant knowledge moving up there skills to learn the fighting arts & weapons.

*Women/Kunoichi also trained in fighting skills to protect family with also intelligence gathering & as assassins.

*Over time there skills & knowledge became more skilled/revered/effective so Lords, Samurai etc would hire them as assassins, intelligence gatherers, body guards, military & war advisors etc.

*Ninjutsu Martial Art is proven to be effective so wile training you will be expected to respect the Art/each other/the world/nature etc, only use in self defence/act of war or personal career, to train hard but safely with self control, with commitment & seriousness but having fun also.

*With regular practice you will gain quick effective results & notice a change within your body movement usually after about 3 months that will change your life in many ways forever to come.