Classes, Courses, Private Lessons, Events, trips to Japan, Europe & Rest of the world.

*Classes/Courses at Hereford, Ross-on-Wye, Forest of Dean & Malvern for Adults 13+ & Children 6+.
*No unrealistic to real life Competitions or Grade Seminars with high fees/Cup fees etc as grades are internally & students are tested within classes regularly with most modern Sport based Arts teaching fighting which is illegal in the real world nor affective also so this is a practical Self Defence that's suits all ages/abilities.
*Students can train at Dojo's/training hall's, courses etc all over the U.K, Japan, Europe & rest of the world under various instructors of different grades/levels.
*Courses are held regularly with different fighting skills & weapons to learn.
*Specialist courses in survival skills, shelter building, water, foraging, fire making, trapping, tracking, navigation, plant knowledge, camouflage, escape/evasion, womens self defence, urban self defence/awareness, private lessons & more.
*Weekly classes are of a friendly atmosphere in a serious training environment which will vary in content in a practical modern self defence style with students being tested regularly to improve there skills further.
*Individual classes learning/training methods to suit people with disabilities, injuries etc that will improve your body mechanics, awareness, balance, confidence & self defence techniques/methods etc to suit you.