Mixed Martial Art/self defence of the Ninja & Kunoichi teaching Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, Ju Jutsu, Ninpo, Survival Skills & Weapons.

*Ninjutsu is one of the first Mixed Martial Arts which has 9 Ryu/schools and in those are Ju Jutsu, Kempo Boxing, Chinese/Korean arts, battlefield & weapons.

*You will learn fighting skills of break falls, rolling, leaping, strikes, blocks, kicks, locks, chokes, throws, grappling, ground work, take downs, counters, pressure points, multiple attack, stealth, armour, weapons, battlefield, survival skills, escape/evasion, camouflage, plant knowledge, tracking, trapping, knots & more.

*Regular training improves Taijutsu/body skills, balance, posture, awareness, reflexes, fitness, stamina, body conditioning, coordination, well being, reduces stress & more.

*In the Dojo/hall & outdoors we train in a modern way training on different surfaces, environments, all weathers, in different clothing, how to fight other styles/arts, using no strength & with strength, stand up/ground sparring, fitness, stress tests & regular testing in your self defence skills learnt.

*Ninjutsu is a complete art learning fighting skills to teach us to be a all round fighter similar to Military to learn to survive all confrontations which is taught to Military, Police, Body guards & Government agencies all over the world proving it to be an effective art.