A Traditional Mixed Martial Art of the Ninja & Kunoichi teaching Ninjutsu, Ju Jutsu, Ninpo, Survival & Weapons. Founder: Soke/Grandmaster Masaaki Hatsumi of Noda/Japan.

*7th Dan Shidoshi/instructor & founder of Kage Dojo is officially certified with lineage from Japan who trains/teaches regularly in U.K/Europe/Japan/Rest of the world who has trained in Martial Arts since a teenager learning Kung Fu then into adult life learning Ninjutsu, BJJ, Ju Jutsu, Jeet Kun Do, Tai Chi, Systema & Escrima.
*Training in Japan under Soke Masaaki Hatsumi, Shihan Negato, Shihan Naguchi, Shihan Uguri & Shihan Senno aswell as in U.K/Europe/R.O.W under various instructors with regular trips now & in the future.
*After learning many Arts Ninjutsu is now my main Art which i have trained in for 16+ years with teaching for 8+ years passing the Godai/5th Dan test in 2009 under Shihan Senno at the Honbu/training hall in Japan.
*Ninjutsu is a full contact non sport based self defence that is taught to Military, Police Units, Body Guards, Security & Government Agencies all over the world proving it to be an affective self defence/Martial Art that has 9 Ryu/schools/styles of Taijutsu/fighting skills, Ju Jutsu & Ninpo skills involving break falls, rolling, leaping, strikes, blocks, kicks, locks, chokes, throws, grappling, ground work, take downs, counters, pressure points, multiple attack, stealth, armour, weapons, battlefield, survival skills, camouflage, plant knowledge, tracking, trapping, knots, shelter building, fire making, map reading, orienteering, geology, astronomy & more which enhances our balance, posture, awareness, reflexes, fitness, stamina, body conditioning, coordination, well being, reducess stress & more.
*Traditional weapons used are Tanbo/Hanbo/Jo/Bo[sticks/staffs of various lengths], Yari[spear], Naginata[hallberd], Kusarigama[Kama & weighted chain], Kusarifundo[weighted chain], Kama[sickle], Tanto[knife], Bokken[sword], Wakizashi[short sword], Shuriken[throwing stars], Bo Shuriken[throwing darts], Shuko[claws], Fumi/Yama[bow/arrows] & guns/nets/ropes/grappling hooks/blowpipes.
*Modern weapons used are bags, shoes, clothes, bottles, coins, tools, umbrella, walking stick, poles, furniture, torches, shields & more.
*In the Dojo we train in a modern way to a Traditional Art with training in the Traditional also as some aspects suit modern situations & individual learning needs of various students in there fields with lots to learn making training a way of life with every class learning new techniques, methods, weapons etc so classes are never boring or repetitive with actual hands on training learning real life body pains received & given, affecting attackers balance, movement, response/shock, body mechanics & muscle memory response for real life situations which will stop the shock etc of confrontation.
*A Ninja & the Art taught is to give you all the skills & learn the skills to survive all situations in life not just in fighting but in normal life threatening situations for you to become a soldier with wisdom, respect of all things & better the world.